1. DOTM

From the recording A Broken Record

"Devastation of the Mind", or as Vinyl Sunday calls it DOTM, is a culmination of Funk, Blues and Rock. Featuring the amazing flute playing of front-woman Jennifer Howell.


What goes around, comes around
Yeah Karma’s a bitch, but revenge makes you itch
One phone call, can change your world
I was holding it together
Tryin’ to brave this weather
Now my nerves have been severed

I don’t feel like fighting
The floodgates have opened
And I’m feeling broken down
Please leave me alone
I’m too far gone
And I’ve been strong for too long

Blue eyes crying all the time
Stained pillowcases
And a closed mind
I’ll feel better some other time
Devastation of the mind

Death’s a friendly reminder that you’re getting old
As the season grows cold your 20s coming to a close
Can’t feel the ground, beneath my feet
Every word is deceit
Is this really defeat
I’ll admit I’ve been beat