1. Try To Move On

"Try to Move On" a single from Vinyl Sunday. This tune will have you crying and smiling at the same time with its touching and soulful lyrics.


Of all the thing your could have said
You chose to bring me down
Another night of restlessness
While your sleeping safe and sound
The sun’s about to rise again
And with it comes another round
Cuz the end is in sight
And there’s nowhere to hide
Are we on the same side?

I hope you’d think I’d have a hard time letting go
Cuz I know in my heart that I want this last
If only I could reach inside, and take control
With my head held high
And while my eyes look down the road
And my heartbeat starts to slow
As I try to move on

You try to be a gentleman
But in the end you don’t know how
Even after all the time you spent
Parading me around
But your backhanded compliments
Never bruise of strike me down
When we’re over this fight
No matter who’s wrong or right
Can we turn this around?